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Peninsula Sea Creature
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Ink Tank logo, business card and letterhead design

Princess theatre logo

I was so proud to be able to work on this as the princess theatre is such an
iconic building in melbourne. I remember seeing cats there when i was 9.

This mark was a freelance job i did with Hub group

This is my favourite variation of the million variations we did as part of a pitch for the rebranding
of the Forum. Sadly the client was happy with what they already had so didn't go for it.

Barbaric logo, business card and letterhead design

My personal mark. It's meant to be an owl for the simple reason i like owls:-P
I designed this mark originally as a jewellery hallmark as jewellery design is a hobby of mine.
And if you know anything about jewellery the you would know your mark has to to be simple
and read on a very, very small scale. But I have always liked it so i use it for everything.
I think it looks a bit posh and a bit like the old publishers logos you see on the spines of old books.

Just me playing around with stylising my name

I thought this was really cute for a business card! It's meant to be a little
die cut bear skin rug!I like it but felt it was a bit too ridicules for me to use.

Super Best Friends logo, business card and letterhead design




Other logo work